Using the Visual Campaign Designer

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Visual Campaign Designer

A drag-and-drop interface is quite valuable to many people and that is what the Microsoft Dynamics Visual Campaign Designer brings to the table. More than just information it also allows even those without much training in this installation to create beautiful and detailed campaigns which can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. This is an important new part of CRM so you should have your people learn to use it if you already use this system and want to create campaigns in a tiny fraction of the original time that you used to.

One thing you are going to have to face is that not all marketers can handle the MSD framework. They aren’t trained for it and often are not going to bother with it if at all possible. As such this provides a great solution to those members of your team that you have grown frustrated with because they just do not seem able to grasp the concept of a CRM system such as this. You can still allow them to put their two cents in.

Grant management software is just one complicated form management that is simplified by the visual designer in Microsoft Dynamics. By having the IT department set up custom rules they can drag and drop a campaign even for this into one coherent whole as well. All of this can be done within a few minutes as long as your installation is working perfectly and the information can also change in real time as your system pipes more and more in.

This is of course a double-edged sword because you will want to use this to demonstrate the impact which your company is having on the market as a whole and you can only do this when your company is profitable. While in most cases this will be true your people have to take note of the real-time capabilities and not accidentally show off a downturn in your operations to a prospective client. Sounds like common sense? We all know that not everyone has the common sense to do this so you need to train them.

With that being said it will also allow you to determine which members can use the visualizer best. While it is easy to use they still have to pick out the best data points in order to present them to your future clients. Sales teams can also use this in order to get a great impact as well. However you may need to trim your team if certain members are not putting forth the best results and you should review all of their work regularly in order to do this.

You should note that work will still need to be done in order to train people for this but it is much less than you would have to do for any other system so that is a very good thing. If this sounds like your company could use it then look into the procedure.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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