Veson Nautical Corporation

Veson Nautical Corporation

Boston, Massachusetts USA (HQ)

Veson Nautical develops and delivers advanced, user-friendly, commercial maritime management and trading software solutions to over 200 leading shipping companies and more than 5000 users around the world. Our software enables ship owners, operators, charterers, and traders to make better business decisions and use their resources more strategically and effectively.

Our design-focused interfaces are simple to navigate, making it easy for people throughout an organization to share information and leverage the full capabilities of our systems.


The Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) consists of three core modules, Chartering, Operations and Financials, to capture data and share it with your accounting and administrative systems for a single, integrated view. These core modules, or with our add-on modules and interfaces, can be integrated to build complete solutions for bulk carrier, tanker, chemical, LNG and LPG, offshore, pools, heavylift, and barge companies. IMOS is built on a robust, modern technology platform, using SQL Server database, the Microsoft .Net framework, and both web and smart client interfaces to allow for simple integration with third parties.


Veslink is Software as a Service (SaaS) that streamlines the collection and analysis of your maritime data into a structured format. With Veslink, voyage reporting is automated, requiring only a single entry of your data. This critical data is then brought to life on a map that gives you precise visibility of your current and future vessel positions. The information entered into Veslink can be shared in real-time across voyage partners, service providers, and counter parties, or integrated with IMOS.

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