What are CRM end users searching for?

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What Are End Users Searching For

What they aren’t searching for is “microsoft dynamics partners”. The reason why is that 80% of Google queries are initiated as research to questions unique to a specific situation. Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is only forecasting 70 monthly searches a month nationwide for the term, meaning, they can’t even sell that keyword across the internet because of low search volume. I’m willing to bet those 70 searchers are partners checking their rank!



So if the accounting manager of a professional services company is spending too much time generating reports for budget meetings because she has to match them up with the CRM, she would begin searching for solutions relevant to CRM accounting reporting”

The winners in organic search results wont be companies that are paying SEO firms to rank for a handful of keywords, it with be the website that offers the best answer to the question. To provide the best “search experience”, Google has constantly reiterated that their goal as a company is to use their search algorithm to mirror human behavior to provide the best result.

So when it comes to creating webpages, it’s important to understand that it will pay off for many years when the page is developed to answer the questions that the market is asking. This is an opportunity to show images, videos, content and a free demo!


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