What Does “Works the Way You Do” Mean with Microsoft Dynamics?

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You probably hear about this a lot when you are looking at Microsoft Dynamics advertisements. As such you are probably wondering what they really mean when they talk about all of this. Due to this you can be sure to wonder about what exactly it all means. We’ll talk specifically about what everything means when you are using it in your own operation as well. It may be a bit different from what you have expected from the ad campaign in the past.

At base it’s simply a tag line meant to convince you that each installation of the program is absolutely perfect for you. While that may not be totally true it is about as close as you can get to such a situation. Therefore it is worthy of notice for many reasons. More practically it means you can have an expectation that it will work correctly for you out of the box and can be changed a bit in order to reach the top efficiency possible.

Fundraising management software also has this marketing applied to it as well. You need to work in a certain manner in order to use the money you gather in the best way that you possibly can. Many organizations are not yet doing this but need to in order to make sure they will continue moving on throughout the many years in which they could be operating. Microsoft Dynamics can help you with this over time.

Full customization is another major selling point which this refers to. Basically anything you can imagine can be changed about it as long as you do not spindle or resell the core code. While it is not quite the same thing as being open-source it is about as close as you will get without doing everything for yourself. Therefore it’s a major point to consider when you are working with an outside company.

Microsoft Dynamics does not do everything for you unless your needs are very basic or if you buy one of the versions, such as GP, set up just for specific types of businesses. You should do your homework before doing anything. Therefore you must make sure that you buy the right version for whatever you are doing. As such you need to look at many different factors.

Another reason for the tagline is the fact that there are guarantees on satisfaction from some partners and even a few internal setups. If you pay the full amount they will do everything they can in order to show you what their abilities are. In the modern day you have many different options to turn to if they end up betraying you. While we hope that does not ever happen to you it is a real possibility.

At the same time you should also make sure that whatever version of Microsoft Dynamics is actually “working the way you do” since it can be easy to get swept up by advertising. Look for the concrete results that you need in this area.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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