What to Learn from the Microsoft Convergence Conference

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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence LogoThe Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Conference gets talked about quite a lot here and in other news sites that cover this family of programs. In both cases there is a very good reason for this because the meetup told us quite a lot about how the industry is going to change in that area. From the direction of development to who they are going to be working with they told us a lot about how the company is going to change. We’re going to go over that a bit today for you as well and tell you about what some of it means.

A huge part of it was a push for mobile, social and marketing options in this day and age. With the various changes to how people find businesses there are many reasons why they are making this push. Delta airlines became the poster child for this movement and the two companies are going to be working together very closely in this area.

Another large part of the Convergence conference was the fact that they are pushing a massive number of apps and third party additions. The idea is to use this push to really impress a great number of buyers about their new setup. It seems to have worked so far in this social era which is all about the news.

Apps for fundraising software were another big point they stressed for Microsoft Dynamics at this conference. Those who raise funds for any reason will have a variety of new ways to receive their payment from smart phones and other mobile devices. For those who are very wealthy a large donation can actually be an impulse buy.

NetBreeze was another big piece they had bought and showed off there. As we had asserted before this is their new strategy, it’s a land grab that seems to be working so far. Businesses are taking notice of this huge change in the landscape and considering their services yet again if they had passed them over.

Another key point in the conference was looking at competitors. The other big names like Salesforce.com are also acquiring pieces to compete with Microsoft Dynamics but at a much slower rate. It remains to be seen whether this buildup will lead to a titanic clash which sends one of these companies reeling. Something incredible is going to happen in the next few years though.

Social listening was something they wanted everyone involved to learn about. It’s a new app that is integrated into systems that helps gather data about the social scene from nearby setups.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is also getting an update this year and some changes to how it interacts with Azure for those who use that system. It’s good news that it’s getting a lot of attention that it has needed for some time. The next big release for it however will be in 2015 according to the VP of MS Business Solutions Kirill Tatarinov.

While this doesn’t tell us any one thing it sure does tell us where they are going. Towards a more mobile, competitive setup for this flagship product from the company.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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