Who is Microsoft Dynamics Best For?

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ImageMany companies are being pushed to buy the Microsoft Dynamics package. However this particular setup comes in many flavors. Some customers will only need the CRM features while others will only need the ERP functions. There are many factors to consider when buying any program of this type so we want to share a few with you today.

The first question to ask is “are we too small?” Many businesses, even those with several employees, can gather customer information themselves. Likewise smaller programs can also gather the small amount of information they need to observe and learn from. For small and even the bottom end of mid-size businesses you will not need Microsoft Dynamics. You can do everything you need in that area for cheaper on a smaller scale which can really help your business save and grow larger.

The next question to ask is “are we too big?” Microsoft Dynamics is for mid-size businesses and is posted as a useful add-on to large businesses. If you are a huge name with international presence it is going to be less than you need to run your multiple branches. You should look for a more robust solution in other areas.  While quite flexible and useful it simply does not have quite as much sheer power as some larger competitors.

Once you have taken these tests it is time to figure out whether you need the whole package or just part of it. For example if you run a business with huge amounts for invoices, resellers and much more than you would need to get Microsoft Dynamics AX which is a great ERP Software solution.

Those who need something different but need a lot of accounting and some environment management would go with Microsoft Dynamics AX. I t gives you project server and workflow integration so you can check your costs along with the project. This allows smaller projects to stay in budget across a company as well.

Those who have service businesses that rely on customer interaction would want to go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM which has a variety of different features for customers. It even offers a custom dashboard designer for those who want to give special interfaces to customers and employees. The grid-based interface on many features makes it simple to see and understand the data presented to you.

The final question to ask is “are my employees smart and well-trained enough for this?” A huge number of businesses each year throw large amounts of money away on things such as this. Why? Because the people using it are either quite literally too stupid for it or have not been trained well enough. The most high-tech and well-maintained system in the world is of no use to someone who does not have enough knowledge to use it.

So do your companies need Microsoft Dynamics after taking into account all of these factors? If so then you want to check it out. If not then you just saved some money.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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