Why Microsoft Competing with Smaller Services is Good for You

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A picture of the Microsoft logoIn the modern ERP industry Microsoft Dynamics is far from the own entry. Developers of all sizes are going in which widely varying systems. For companies this makes it harder to make money and for you it makes the product better and cheaper. Competition in this area is always a good thing because it keeps everyone from getting lazy. As such we continue to have a good market for anyone who wants to get an advantage in how they relate to customers and we will for some time.

Hundreds of small programs in this area are now available as well. Some are free or have extended versions. Others are open source and can be worked on by everyone. Still others are made by pro teams and are trying to get the same clients that much larger businesses are trying to get. As such you have a dizzying array of choices here when you finally sit down and start choosing the right one for the company.

Donor management software is one of dozens of areas that people are fighting for your money in. Other sections such as tax management and investment are also something that designers cater their setups towards. As such if your clients have very specific needs you can go for one of these. At the same time you can just go with a powerful solution such as Microsoft Dynamics which has apps for practically anything you could imagine. You can even make your own if there is nothing on the market to handle it yet.

Depending on your resources you can even go into this highly competitive industry yourself. At the same time you should be aware that this is not a friendly business to be getting into. The market is already stretched enough and if you are not ready to play with some powerful opponents then you should just leave it to someone else.

Microsoft Dynamics is however on precarious ground due to this level of competition. The parent company has laid off workers and is restructuring. While this is bad for them it should not bother you since no matter what happens someone will still have the framework. It has grown too large for someone not to pick it up even if the company were to go out of business. So once again everything works to your advantage in this area as well.

Since this is true you can also use this to your advantage in negotiations. While not everyone will budge you can bring it up here and there. So keep it in mind next time you are looking for a new solution such as this. You may find that companies are willing to work with you more than you ever expected. After all you have the choices, not them. Just make sure that whatever company you go with can make good on all the things that they promised you. Do not get suckered in by an advertising game that does not have any real results to offer you.




Author: Walter McDaniel

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