Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV may be the Right Choice for Manufacturers

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Indiatech TreeMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is used by everyone from charities to major manufacturers in order to solve a great variety of distribution problems. Many of those who move off of legacy systems and those who are growing from a small setup both choose the system.

The first thing you should know when choosing this one is that it is extremely different from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Instead of gathering data from customers, marketers and your sales team it helps you keep track of the products themselves. Instead of securing funding and making marketing plans it helps you keep track of orders and faulty products among other things. It’s as big as the difference between sales and manufacturing.

That being said it has excellent integration with various parts of your company. While it is not the best choice for a sales team, it is for a variety of other teams and sectors. It can also come together with any other similar products you might want as well. This helps companies with their Resource Optimization.

The first way it helps you is in keeping inventory itself. All over your company, not just in the factory, team members can update your inventory. The benefit of this is quite obvious to anyone who has actually run an operation like this. You may have a problem with the delivery of the materials before you can even refine them into your product. You may have a delivery go wrong after it gets out. Things can go wrong on every end and your team can correct them from anywhere.

You can also create users to keep track of each setting. This allows you to set a level of access for each employee and insure that only your most trusted employees can access sensitive information. This is vitally important because no matter how good your system is if someone who wants to hurt the company gets into the top levels they can wreck things. This system also helps you track mistakes or intentional sabotage.

The next way it helps is by keeping automated records that update as dealers and customers buy from you. Automatic alerts come up when you go too far under or over inventory and you can quickly take steps to correct the problem within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This system also works for your dealers. You can change things on the fly if you see that a dealer has been over or under performing. There is nothing customers like less than wanting to buy your product and being unable to.

All of these work together not only to make the job of your workers easier, but even the jobs of your affiliates easier. All of this information can also be sent to other versions of the program to come up with marketing plans in order to help other sectors.

So is this right for your company? Definitely if you are a manufacturer. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is simply the best service in the world for this type of work. No other software really compares at this time.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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