Xiamen Tungsten Improves Operations with Microsoft Dynamics

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Xiamen Tungsten Profit GraphSome companies make a wide variety of products. Xiamen Tungsten is one of these and they used Microsoft Dynamics AX to keep track of all these different lines. Such versatility is essential in the competitive world market that we have today. Today we want to examine how they grew with this system into one of the largest suppliers in the world.

Tungsten is an incredibly versatile product that can be put on everything from jewelry to x-ray tubes. They even place it on commercial aircraft and yachts. Hundreds of products that you use every day contain or otherwise use a material like this. Xiamen Tungsten supplies people all over the world with the Tungsten itself so that they can put it in their products.

By using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 they managed to synchronize their production with what their buyers needed. They could look at the quality level of each batch and send them to each company.

As with many other companies their sales team was separated from the rest of the company. They weren’t communicating effectively over time. This system allowed them to effectively synchronize their sectors over time.  Everything all the way down to their lines of credit is controlled completely by the system.

This whole process allowed them to create situations in which they could use competitive bidding. Both for buying their materials to selling them to people they know how much they can afford to take or give. This is something that your own company can make great use of. By looking at all the date they know exactly how much they need to take in on each procedure to stay profitable.

This same process with Microsoft Dynamics AX allows them to create smaller orders that allow them to get out their batches faster and more efficiently than before. This is something essential when you are in the production industry. It really speeds everything up.

This also helps them keep track of their various business clients. This can be a difficult proposition when it comes to such a large business. They have a variety of suppliers and consumers that they have to deal with in order to keep their business going. This can be a difficult procedure without an automated system in order to keep track of it all.

All this has led to their company becoming one of the most successful producers in China. When you consider just how much China produces in this current age it actually is a major achievement. The country will only be growing in productivity over time.  Proposal development for services companies could also be boosted by a system like this.

If you have a production company yourself then you can expect to need a similar system. Without it you can get a little lost in the sea of things you are producing over time. Of course it is up to you which system you want to get as there are many choices all over the market. Compare them and find a solution which works best for you and your company at this time.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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